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The Mapmakers Trilogy

A middle-grade graphic novel series by Cameron Chittock and Amanda Castillo. 

and the Lost Magic


and the Enchanted Mountain


and the Flickering Fortress

Lost Magic Cover by Amanda Castillo
Enchanted Mountain Cover by Amanda Castillo
Mapmakers Book 3 Cover.jpg

"This first volume is filled with thrills and adventure, appealing to readers of all ages." - School Library Journal

When a young girl discovers a magical map, she has the chance to become a Mapmaker and bring harmony to her downtrodden Valley. She only has to find her way past the town's overlords first...

“An adventure well worth joining.” 

- Kirkus Reviews

Travelling as the world with Lewis and Blue is just as magical as Alidade hoped, until the trio reaches the Mountain, where the arrival of a Mapmaker and Memri is not met with a warm welcome.

"A refined end to a rousing voyage." - Kirkus Reviews

The climactic finale of the Mapmakers trilogy will be released in April 2024. As Lewis and Cado set out to find a Mapmakers of the Plains, Alidade and Blue travel deep into Night Coat territory, hoping to uncover the truth behind their dark magic. 

Mapmakers Trilogy: Work

Praise for Mapmakers

"Chittock & Castillo use cartography as a beautiful metaphor to understanding self, surroundings, and story magic."

-David Petersen (Mouse Guard)

"Mapmakers perfectly captures that urgent breathless feeling of adventure just beyond one's gaze, and posits that rising to it can help bring about a world that is kinder, more expansive, and grounded in community. A beautifully written and rendered delight from the first page."

Shannon Watters (Lumberjanes)

“Mapmakers and the Lost Magic is a beautiful book that delivers wisdom with humor and magic. A fun, sensitive, rebellious story with characters that dream big! My favorite.”

Sophie Escabasse (Witches of Brooklyn)

"Chittock and Castillo weave a quaint tale of courage and friendship brimming with a fruitful sense of whimsy. Intriguingly good."

-Kirkus Reviews

"With a clever magical system that emphasizes tenets of authenticity and artistry as sources of power, this adventure about 'embracing the challenge' offers a fresh perspective." - Publishers Weekly 

Publishers Weekly

"This first volume is filled with thrills and adventure, appealing to readers of all ages." 

School Library Journal

Mapmakers Trilogy: Work
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